Ceol – ‘Ceol EP’ (Track By Track)

ceol ep track by track

The Ceol EP Is Out Tomorrow 16 September.

For those of you without a rudimentary knowledge of the Irish language, Ceol is the word for music ‘as Gaeilge’ (in Irish). I have no idea whether this is of any relevance to this progressive rock quartet of the same name, although seeing as a number of their complement hail from Northern Ireland, it seems likely that it is of some import.

They’ll be releasing their debut self titled EP tomorrow. Consisting of three songs that re certainly prog fueled, but also enjoyably grounded and earthy. Essentially, the ambitions of Ceol has not rendered their music impotent of any emotional clout. We had a chat with guitarist with the groups Kane Whitelam who talked us through each of the tracks on the EP.

Grab the EP on Bandcamp.

Ceol EP

With regards to the title of the record, we struggled to find a sound of our own for quite some time, and with such an eclectic range of influences plus the inherently progressive nature of our music, that was never going to be an overnight thing for us. So all things considered, putting out a self-titled record made perfect sense as we think it is the best representation of where we are now musically.

1. ‘Weird Dishes’

The name of this track is a shameless nod to one of our main influences, Radiohead. I remember listening to 2+2=5 for the first time and thinking ‘I need to write an intro like that!’. There’s also a real Empress AD kind of vibe running through this track which is partly down to the quiet-loud-quiet-loud structure going on. Lyrically this one is pretty dark in places and it features one of my favourite lines that Jack (vocals/guitar) has wrote ‘Tickle the dead until they’re bled, pickle it’s head, store it in the shed’.

2. ‘I Can Crush Sting’

This was the first song we wrote for the EP and it came together relatively quickly. The first half can best be described as us trying our best to be a Post-Rock band, which quickly descends into our usual brand of heaviness. The final section features lots of nerdy prog stabs and severely wobbly guitars which is fairly reminiscent of Steven Wilson’s solo work. Being an instrumental number, we have a lot of fun with this one live. At shows, Charlie (drums) improvises a great deal during the end of this track which keeps us on our toes.

3. ‘Cryptic. Caustic. Everything. Applause’

The working title for this track was ‘ttng’ and from the get-go I’m sure most of you would understand why! We were definitely trying to push the math element on this one. However at just under two minutes in, things get a little Everything Everything-tinged and showcases our most dance-worthy section yet. In a similar way to ‘I Can Crush Sting’ this song can be split into two main parts, and halfway through things get heavy with a Tool-esque riff. For the longest time we were gonna make a whole other song out of that riff, but in the end decided to basically glue these two songs together, which is essentially the Prog way, am I right?

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