Chandos Stream ‘Cobra Points’ From Debut LP

Chandos Stream 'Cobra Points' From Debut LP

Noodly punk. That’s the description the Boston trio Chandos provides on its Bandcamp page, and it is an apt summation of their energetic, tense, angular sound. New track ‘Cobra Points’ is a frenetic burst of celebration and frustration, replete with choppy, mathy guitar lines and impassioned, imploring vocals. It will feature on their upcoming debut record Rats In Your Bed, out via Carpark Records on 26th January 2015.

It’s the second track to be released (the first was ‘..Pretty Sure it’s ‘Tang Top’) since the band remonikered themselves Chandos. They had previously been operating under the label Chandeliers, and to be honest I am unsure which name I prefer. The name Chandos is derived from the Latin Candius, which means “brilliantly white”, and there is certainly something dazzling about these boys. They play with the vigour and abandon of punk, with the nuance and precision of math rock.

Rats In Your Bed track list:

1. Drug Bros
2. Cobra Points
3. Rats in Your Bed
4. Temperance
5. Fluorescence : Light :: Cubicles : Life
6. Swim Gym
7. ..Pretty Sure it’s ‘Tang Top’
8. Feel My Heat
10. Everyone’s an Expert
11. Early Peakers

Check out the record artwork:

Chandos Stream 'Cobra Points' From Debut LP

Check out ‘..Pretty Sure It’s Tang Top’, which will also feature on the record and was released last month: