Chappaqua Wrestling: New Band of the Day #256

chappaqua wrestling

Chappaqua Wrestling’s new single ‘Football’ is out now.

Who: Charlie Woods (vocals, guitar), Jake Mac – (vocals, guitar), Jude Lilley (bass) and John-Paul Townsend (drums).

What: Grunge/alt-rock.

Where: Manchester, UK.

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Why: You’re probably thinking, “What the sausage is a Chappaqua?” Well, according to Google, Chappaqua is, “a hamlet and census-designated place in the town of New Castle, in northern Westchester County, New York.” No idea what that has to do with a band from Manchester in England.

However, I can tell you that the band have a distinctly latter-day Sonic Youth vibe on new single ‘Football’. Led by chiming guitar and a delicious mid-tempo beat, the song sports that kind of detached beauty that Kim Gordon and co. accomplished with aplomb towards the end of the band’s career. Check out the song below.

Charlie Woods (vocals, guitar) about the song: “On ‘Football’ we take one riff and develop it layer after layer, and it grows harder and harder as it moves on. On top of all the brutishness is a story of social displacement, and unease in one’s surroundings. The lyrics we recently added as a homage to our teenage years in Brighton, with some of the social-angst of that time. It features our old-Brighton friend and recent band addition John Townsend on the drums, and we feel ‘Football’ shows a hard pulse from us which hadn’t previously been captured on record.”

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