Cheatahs Interview ‘We work as hard as we can’

Cheatah’s had a busy 2014 releasing their debut LP and then hitting the road. They seemed to be on the road for a long, long time. They haven’t exactly been hanging about in 2015 either, having already released the excellent Sunne EP back in February (read our review) almost exactly a year after releasing their cracking album. Overblown wanted to find out a little bit more and so we did what we always do, we asked. We were quite frankly amazed to hear they had some time to record in 2014 but we’re certainly chuffed they did. Here’s a Q&A with their vocalist and guitarist Nathan Hewitt who tells us there’s plenty more to look forward to in the not-too-distant future:

Cheatahs Live at Beacons Festival 2014 – Photography by Kimberly Wilson

Overblown: We’ve been loving the new Sunne EP – tell us about how it came together?
Nathan: Oh cool. Well we had some time at the end of last summer (2014) to record as we didn’t have any major tour commitments to worry about. We thought it was a good way to approach the second album process, to try a few things as a band without the pressure of a big release. We recorded it over a few weeks in Dropout Studios in south London and did final tweaks in Dean’s living room.

O: What’s the thinking behind releasing a 4 track EP rather than focussing on a new album?
N: I think as artists we just want to get as much stuff out as possible while we can and this format is great to explore new territory and experiment with.

O: The video for Controller (watch above) is an interesting one. Two young schoolgirls discussing pretty serious topics, what can you tell us about the intended message behind it? How did the song lead to this video?
N: Fede (the director) came up with the idea after we sent him the lyrics to the song. Once we heard the the pitch we knew it was going to be a good video. James co-wrote the script for it with Fede, who we had previously worked with on the video for “Coared” and were happy to work with again.

O: We recently described you as one of the hardest working bands around. Does being in Cheatahs ever feel like hard work?
N: I think from day one we’ve made sure that we work as hard as we can. We definitely don’t take anything for granted and only try to make everything we do our best effort. Or else really, what’s the point?

O: Over the past couple of years you’ve toured extensively. How do you manage to keep from tearing each other’s head off?
N: We all make sure to have snorers in the same room, and lots of boxed sets to keep us preoccupied. We also like each other which definitely helps!

O: Who have been your favourite bands to tour with?
N: We’ve been pretty lucky to tour with a lot of great bands. If I had to choose one I’d say Metz. They are like family to us now.

O: It’s a year since the debut album came out – how do you feel about it now? Were you pleased with the response it got and do you pay much attention to reviews?
N: Only a year? It feels like a lifetime ago actually. It was a good record that opened a lot of doors for us. Of course we read the reviews but always make sure that we are 100% happy with what we put out. Any positive response is always great. Any negative is expected.

O: Are you working on new material for the next record? Will it be another EP or an album?
N: Yeah we have already handed in what will be another 4 track EP which will come out in May. We are currently trying to finish album 2 which should be out after the summer. Pretty excited for people to hear it.

O: At Overblown we’ve recently given a lot of coverage to an excellent new Shoegaze compilation that highlights a lot of quality in the genre from all over the world (check it out here). What do you think of this Nu-gaze movement and do you feel Cheatahs fit in with these bands?
N: We’re really not trying to be a part of a certain revival or anything like that. I think it’s so boring and redundant to keep harking back to retro branding bands and keeping a narrow minded view of identifying “genre.” I guess it’s an easy way to sieve through the plethora of bands out there. Not trying to be negative I just don’t really understand it. We just make music we like listening to.

O: Overblown are particularly looking forward to catching you at Primavera this year. Any particular shows / festivals you look forward to more than others?
N: Definitely looking forwards to Primavera. Probably more than any fest we’ve ever done. See you there!

Cheatahs Sunne EP is out now. Treat yourself to it here.

Cheatahs are on tour in March / April with The Vaccines (all dates sold out) and play shows across the UK and Europe. Dates and ticket info as follows:

25 – LONDON, Shacklewell Arms.
Special Performance: Cheatahs presents ‘Circle In A’ Project (Tickets)


10 – BIRMINGHAM, The Hare & Hounds w/No Joy (Tickets)

11 – LONDON, Oslo w/No Joy (Tickets)

13 – LEEDS, Brudenell Social Club w/No Joy (Tickets)

14 – YORK, The Fulford Arms w/No Joy (Tickets)

15 – CARDIFF, Clwb Ifor Bach (Tickets)

16 – BRISTOL, The Louisiana w/No Joy (Tickets)

20 – BRIGHTON, Prince Albert w/No Joy (Tickets)

21 – BRUGES, BL, Cactus Club w/The Hickey Underground (Tickets)

26 – BORDEAUX, FR, Rock School Barbey (Tickets)

27 – 30 – BARCELONA, ES, Primavera Sound (Tickets)

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