Cheatahs – Sunne EP – Review

Cheatahs sunne EP Review

London based Cheatahs make life easy for fans of their music. Their latest release on Wichita, the Sunne EP, is another step in the right direction for this hard working band and if ever a band can be described as such, surely it’s Cheatahs. Over the last couple of years they seem to have been on tour forever. I’ve seen them supporting Cloud Nothings and Metz amongst others and they pop up at festivals and play their own shows. Sounds exhausting. This EP is also the follow up to 2014’s excellent debut album and a whole host of singles and EP’s before that. So when I say step in the right direction I think i’m being disrespectful, they’ve taken so many steps in the right direction that they’ve surely reached their destination by now. All us music lovers need to do now is sit back and listen, that’s the effortless part.

The Sunne EP doesn’t sound like hard work. It’s smooth, easy and right on the money across it’s four tracks. Opening track ‘Sunne’ bends and twists it’s way around a gentle vocal. There’s plenty going on here. Part shoe gaze, part indie-rock and a smattering of psychedelia. It’s a relatively laid back track sounding like an up-tempo Slowdive covering a Real Estate song. Excellent.

‘Campus’ speeds up the proceedings and is a great example of why Cheatahs transcend shoegaze. They bring more pace and rock a little harder than many from that particular genre. The bands ability to make songs weightless is demonstrated through the sweeping guitars and textures of ‘Controller’ which sails by but still manages to pack a hefty punch. Closing track ‘No Drones’ sounds like a punk blast trying to force it’s way out of a tunnel.

These four tracks combine to showcase all that is great about the twisting, shifting, winding, swirling guitar rock of Cheatahs. They rock pretty darn hard. They float by like a cooling breeze. Ultimately, and most impressively, they soar. So whilst Cheatahs graft away endlessly I find myself looking forward to the next time i’ll see them play. Barcelona, in the sun (or Sunne), probably with a cold beer in hand at PS15. It’s a tough life but thankfully Cheatahs make it all seem so easy.

The Sunne EP is released on 23rd Feb on Wichita Recordings. Buy it on vinyl or download it here.

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