Check out “Periphery” By Palaces 宫殿

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Have you been to Cork, Ireland? It’s the absolute bee knees. I mean, there’s all those pubs. The Crane Lane, Arthur Maynes, The Franciscan Well, The Quad (RIP), The Roundy, The Slate, Sin É, Tom Barry’s, the list goes on and on. It’s only fair that a place with so many absolutely epic places to get rat arsed in, has a couple of epic bands. Palaces 宫殿 are one of those bands.

“Periphery” is the lead track from the duo’s self titled debut album (available on iTunes for 4 bloody Euro), and it rocks it’s alt/pop sound for as much as it can wring from the wet tea towel of rock. It’s shiny, smooth, and as catchy as chickenpox in a primary school. The band are planning to move to China to explore the burgeoning indie music scene there. Random.

Have a listen. Buy it.