Chinese Newspaper – ‘Spotless Mind’ EP | Track by Track

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Spotless Mind EP is out now.

Are big dirty fuzzed up guitars, lo-fi aesthetics, and a rather snotty attitude up your alley? Well then. That means that Dublin’s Chinese Newspaper are probably the band for you. After a few years on the go, the band are a couple of EPs deep at this stage. Their most recent was Spotless Mind. It’s also their most accomplished. It’s all very unhinged and raucous but in a clearly very tight and honed manner. It’s got that off the cuff easiness that is actually rather difficult to pull off correctly.

We had a chin wag with Killian Barrett (vocals/guitar) about each of the tracks on Spotless Mind. Discussion turned to Ty Segall and The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Spotless Mind EP

All the songs were basically written by me (Killian) in my room, I’d make up something fairly simple and I’d show it to the lads at practice and just jam it out and jazz it up together.

1. Liquid

‘Liquid’ is basically just all out fast and loud sweat box. I guess this song was inspired a lot by bands like Surf Curse and The Orwells in a way. The songs basically about being fucking exhausted, not really being able to process and deal with things that happen to you properly, upbeat sad song in a way.

2. Spotless Mind

‘Spotless Mind’ is a bit chiller than some of our songs I suppose, this one was tossed around a lot at practice, were really unsure what to do with it how to feel about it for a long time. The lyrics are essentially about trying to escape your own head in a sense. Like the movie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless to erase your memories and disassociate yourself. Another happy sad song haha.

3. It Follows

‘It Follows’ got a lot of inspiration from mid to recent Ty Segall, especially the Twins album, one of my favourite albums to date. This song was written a long time before the other two on the EP. Pure loud noise, vocals were actually recorded through a megaphone, lyrically less important, just filled with fuzz and noise.

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