CHMBRS – ‘Rabbit Hole’ | Overblown Video Premiere


‘Rabbit Hole’ is available on all streaming services. The video will be released via VEVO on 29th September.

We are pretty damn proud to be premiering the debut video release from electro pop artist CHMBRS. It is titled ‘Rabbit Hole’ and will appear on the artist’s upcoming EP EXORDIUM (that means “the beginning or introductory part, especially of a discourse or treatise” apparently).

The track is a tense and tuneful introduction to the singer as it pulses with purpose and melody. CHMBRS says that the song is how she “found light and purpose, when faced against the darkness of nowhere.” The accompanying video is an aesthetic tour de force with the singer trapped in a cage and featuring dancing that calls to mind the evocative work of Sia. The cage represents the singer’s mental darkness and search for hope. This hope is seen at the end when it appears she may escape the cage.

Check it out below.

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