Christopher Hockey: New Band of the Day #279

christopher hockey

Christopher Hockey’s debut EP Closed System is out now.

Who: Christopher Hockey (Lead Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Keys/synths Producer, Mix and Master), Jake O’Driscoll (Lead Electric Guitar, Electronics/Soundscapes, Backing Vocals), Alexa Newall (Backing Vocals) Mark O’Gorman Daly (Drums), Daniel Maguire (Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar) & Caleb Hall (Flugel Horn).

What: A mixture of indie, shoegaze and electronica.

Where: Cork, Ireland!

Why: The first line of Christopher Hockey’s track ‘After Dark’ goes, “After dark, on Princes Street”. Goddamit, I love when musicians specifically name places in their songs (plus I’m from Cork and Princes Street is in Cork). This approach grounds the song in a specific and beautiful way and flies in the face of the general and faceless lyrics that sometimes get foisted upon us.

Combined with this is a track that begins with a delicate acoustic strum that slowly segues into a gentle electronic beat and some super dreamy guitar work and you’ve got a song that comes across like David Kitt if he really liked Kevin Shields. Magical stuff. The rest of Christopher Hockey’s debut EP Closed System is nearly as good. Put it inside you.

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