CHUCK – Happy Birthday (Benjamin Shaw Remix) | Overblown Track Premiere


‘Happy Birthday’ is out August 18th 2017 (Vinyl & Digital) via Audio Antihero.

‘Happy Birthday’ by New York based bedroom pop singer / songwriter CHUCK is without a doubt one of my favourite songs by the savagely under rated artist. And that’s saying a lot because I pretty much love all of his songs I’ve heard so far. He is a songwriter of deceptive nuance and depth all wrapped up in accessibility and simplicty.

Thankfully, Benjamin Shaw does not mess around with the simplicity of CHUCK’s work on his remix of ‘Happy Birthday’. Instead he takes out CHUCK’s instrumentation and adds a tender and delicate string arrangement that adds a melancholia to the track that is only hinted at in the original.

CHUCK’s latest album Frankenstein Songs for the Grocery Store is out now via Audio Antihero.

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