Civil Civic: 5 Things That Inspired ‘THE TEST’

New album THE TEST due October 14th via Gross domestic Product.

There’s nothing particularly civil about the latest single from instrumental electronic/post punk duo CIVIL CIVIC, the latest track to be released from their upcoming second album, THE TEST. Leading with a fuzzed up and thumping bass line and 80’s synths the track the track is completely unconcerned with being obliging, quickly devolving into a terse and claustrophobic exploration of post rock mixed with art rock which builds to an overwhelming, sweeping climax.

Aaron Cupples and Benjamin Green, the duo behind the experimental nature of CIVIL CIVIC, recently told exactly what has inspired their adventurous and formidable new album.

1. Our first album, RULES.

That might sound arrogant, but it’s not. We could never have made THE TEST as a first album, it’s a reaction to something. In 2004 there was the Indian Ocean Earthquake and resulting devastating tsunami which shook the entire planet and shrunk it a bit, making each day 2.676 microseconds shorter. THE TEST is like a cataclysmic event on planet RULES that changes its constitution forever. It’s not designed to kill anyone though, let’s be clear on that.

2. Mediocrity.

This might sound arrogant, because it is. But if it weren’t for many other artists being so utterly uninterested in progressive ideas while being idolised and praised by the press for being slaves to nostalgia then I’m not sure we’d bother. It’s because we want more out of music that we make it. We’re trying to make it better. Is that arrogant or just ambitious? If you don’t know what I mean by the above statement then read this interview with Adam Curtis.

3. Our fans.

We tour a lot because it’s how you work out if what you are doing is worthwhile. There’s nothing more revealing then laying out your hard work in front of room full of people that seriously want you to take them somewhere great. Don’t get me wrong, they’re on your side, the will is there and they badly want you to be good. But if you don’t connect then you suck and they’ll just walk away. On the flip side if you get your wind in their sails they’ll buy your t-shirt and you beers all night and be back next time with their 6 best friends.

4. The results of hard work.

I swear most people, including many musicians, have no idea how much time goes into making an album. Starting an album is like stabbing a hole in the dimension of time and just letting the vacuum hoover up the hours of your life. Like most hard work, scrubbing floors or painting the Forth Bridge, it never ends but it gets results.

5. Good times.

I just realised this list might sound a bit whiny. We love being CIVIL CIVIC and anyone who comes down to a show will be easily convinced of that. So cut yourself some slack and get down.

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