Cleo T. – ‘Look At Me I’m A Horse’ | Overblown Track Premiere

cleo t

Debut album And Then I Saw A Million Skies Ahead out March via Motor Entertainment.

There’s something wonderfully endearing about this latest release from Parisian art pop artist Cleo T. It is at once fragile and delicate, while being simultaneously driven and confident. Shimmering piano and synths vie for dominance while ambiance echoes and anxious strings bring proceedings together under Cleo T.’s powerful and colourful vocals. Tensions rise like a tide, higher and higher and more and more aggressive until eventually breaking into a mixture of discordance and melody.

“The song is a nightly run towards a light spot,” says Cleo T. of the song. “I wanted lyrical material (vocals, strings) to meet rough elements (beats,guitars) in an unquiet inner symphony. Wild as a horse, majestic as a bird. We have intensity, we have expectations. We can be anything we want.”

Attempting to build bridges between the conceptual nature of the art world and the immediacy of pop, Cleo T. has drawn inspiration from a wealth of sources. Greek philosopher Plotin to Russian avantgardist Kasimir Sewerinowitsch Malewitsch to Mexican painter Frida Kahlo to the great Italian mind Pier Paolo Pasolini are all listed as influences, while she has also worked with artist Maflohé Passedouet, founder of the Mobilis_Immobilis company, to create an optical interpretation of Cleo T.’s ideas.

Her live performances are no less ambitious as the audience finds themselves at the centre of the stage, becoming an intrinsic part of the pluri-sensorial exhibition. It will be individually adapted to be performed at selected galleries, museums and other art institutions as well as nightclubs and other more traditional venues.

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