Cold, cold Heart Stream ‘Megan’

A new name to Overblown, Cold, cold heart (not to be confused with mid-90s Cold Cold Hearts on Kill Rock Stars – actually within two seconds of listening you’ll definitely not confuse the two) are a multi-instrumental trio who split their time between Chichester and London. ‘Megan’ is their latest release, the results of a weekend writing and recording in Surbiton. Brain meltingly delicious it is too.

A check up on the bands Facebook page reveals their influences although one listen to this track and there’s every chance you’ll work these out for yourself. Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, Labradford, A Winged Victory for the Sullen. All the post-rock boxes are ticked.

What Robert Manning, Chris Daniel and Adrian Jones clearly do have is a serious gift for creating completely beguiling, ethereal songs. ‘Megan’ drifts along quite beautifully, there’s a threat looming over this track that never really materialises, just lingers above the piano and guitar, a gentle feedback warning that things might not always be so glorious. Time to dim the lights, relax and let this track wash all over you.

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