Come Play With Me Interview Series – Magic Mountain

In the first of a short series of interviews we speak to Magic Mountain about their participation on a compilation from Come Play With Me, a social enterprise who are doing great things with the staggering array of music currently coming out of West Yorkshire. In 2017 they launched a 7″ singles club which has generated a lot of well deserved  interest and the compilation will end the year in fine style as they work towards their goal of providing opportunities for those who want to be involved in music in the area. It’s easy to have a noble cause but CPWM are out there acting upon theirs and making things happen. Huge respect is due.

As for Magic Mountain, we wouldn’t want to band the term Supergroup about too much (yeah, I know, we just did) so let’s just say if there was an indie version of Fantasy Football and your band had each of these folks in it you’d definitely be a contender. We asked a few questions about their contribution to the compilation and we’re also getting some other bands to pose a few questions. Prepare for a somewhat bizarre one from fellow compilation contributers ZoZo below:

Overblown: Your song ‘Zodiac’ was out previously on 7″ as part of the Come Play With Me series and now appears on the compilation. It’s got a wonderfully loose garage rock feel, like a bunch of friends just having fun together but then it almost veers into prog / psych sounds in bits. Is it typical of Magic Mountain? Is it just the result of different band members influences on the sound?
Magic Mountain: I think you’ve summed it up pretty perfectly there! We’ve known each other for years having played in bands and toured together so, as a project, Magic Mountain has been a long time in the making. When the stars finally aligned and we found ourselves in the same room we enjoyed getting straight to work, bringing our own influences but all aiming for the same sound.

O: How did you come to get involved with Come Play With Me?
MM: We’d all met Tony CPWM through various musical avenues in Leeds but I think he got wind of Magic Mountain as an entity shortly after our first ever show. When Tony asked if we’d be interested in putting a split single out we saw it as a the perfect opportunity to make the most of the time we had together as a band. It’s amazing how useful an impending release date can be when whipping songs into shape!

O: The compilation covers a lot of different bands and a wide variation of musical styles. Does being involved in this kind of project help you build relationships with other bands involved? Does it feel like a healthy landscape for West Yorkshire music at the moment?
MM: I think the compilation is a celebration of West Yorkshire’s ongoing musical and creative diversity. The project is a great way of introducing bands and artists that might otherwise have not crossed paths which is only going to bring the community closer!

O: Putting you on the spot, what’s the best song on this compilation?
MM: No, don’t make me choose! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to see Yorkshire heroes like Wild Beasts and Napoleon IIIrd alongside exciting new projects like Crake and the collaboration between James Konapinski and the legend that is Thomas Truax. If I have to pick one I’m going to say ZoZo because the first time I saw them play NONO was by accident and it kind of blew my mind. It’s a brilliant statement of intent to open the compilation with.

Finally, a very ZoZo question from ZoZo – Which is your favourite leg and why?
MM: There’s so many to choose from! It’s a tough decision but I think I’m going to go with the back left. Everyone always makes a song and dance over the front legs but we all know they’d be nowhere without the back end. Why the left leg in particular? I’m just a sucker for an underdog.

Come Play With Me releases their Come Play compilation CD on 1st December. Order it here.

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