Come Play With Me Interview Series – Tony from CPWM

Nothing better than grabbing a word with the boss. In the second installment of our interviews celebrating the forthcoming release of the Come Play compilation we head straight to the top and speak to Tony from Come Play With Me. We’ve already spoken to Magic Mountain and will soon have chats with Crake, ZoZo and James Konapinski / Thomas Truax for your reading pleasure. So far so good but it’s about time we gave you a better flavour of what else is on this compilation. A simple list of highlights should whet your appetite suitably. You’ve got Furr, Stems, Yoi, The Wedding Present, Fizzy Blood, Ceiling, Wild Beasts remixing Napoleon IIIrd (hear below) and we’re honestly not even half way there. Just go check it out for yourself, links at the end of this interview. First of all here’s Tony to explain what it’s all about:

O: After running the split 7″ series was the intention always to finish off 2017 with a compilation album?

Tony: It was – there was just so much brilliant music hitting our radar that a release a quarter didn’t allow us to get it all out there so it started as an album / single CD and then we got a bit carried away….

O: Although still very new, CPWM has already picked up a lot of plaudits and this compilation means there’s already been a huge amount of bands and musicians involved with you. Has this all been a pleasant surprise to you or were you always confident your approach to achieving the CPWM objectives would be a success?

It’s been a massively pleasant surprise. We knew we wanted to do this and felt there was a need and if nothing else we’d get loads of great music heard that wouldn’t ordinarily reached people’s ears. But to have been able to work with so many amazing musicians and also receive some cracking reviews and positive vibes and spins for the releases has been a massive bonus! Thanks for the kind words and your support too, good people of Overblown!

O: How many people are involved in running CPWM? Is it a labour of love and has it completely overtaken all your time?

Tony: There are 4 of us that run the project but it’s only really me (Tony) day-to-day on it and yes, it has taken over my life. We’ve got a bunch of amazing volunteers that work with us too and a couple of other folks that have been getting involved along the way and they’re all awesome.

O: The aim of CPWM is to achieve sustainable jobs in music within West Yorkshire. How much of a long term goal is this and do you see a lot of good progress towards this already?

Tony: Part of this is obviously about giving the musicians we work with a leg-up and we’ve seen a number of the artists we’ve worked with going on to get label / management / booking label interest. On the live side we’ve been able to give a number of artists the chance to play to audiences that they wouldn’t ordinarily have done so that’s only been a positive too. The place we’ve really been able to make a difference on this goal is on our mentoring project where we try to pair up folks with wise, experienced mentors that have been around the block a bit and can offer some sage advice! That’s also not just music-makers – but yeah it is a long-term goal but feels we’re making good strides towards it!

O: Do you think the area is currently seeing an unusual abundance of great bands or have they always been there but projects like CPTW help to bring them to our attention more?

Tony: I think there’s always been loads of great bands in the area but there is something special about this part of the world – the way everyone’s willing to get stuck in, collaborate, help each other out. I like to think that we’ve just been able to be a catalyst to make more of that happen (like the collabs on the album) and to get more of this awesomeness out to a wider audience.

O: With so much going on in 2017 what are the plans to follow all of this up in 2018 and beyond?
Tony: After ‘Come Play’ I need to sleep. 26 artists on a compilation CD was a bit more than we’d originally envisaged. But for 2018 it will be more of the same but hopefully with some interesting twists along the way. We’ve got the first 3 singles of the year lined up and ready to go – there’ll be some electropop, shoegaze, afrobeat/cosmic jazz and some other genre-jumping goodness. Oh and some more collaborations to follow on the second showcase later in the year!

Come Play With Me releases their Come Play compilation CD on 1st December. Order it here.

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