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Read on and I’ll explain exactly why and how we can make music journalism better.

You know what it’s like living in an era when streaming, internet advertising, and the internet in general have devalued journalistic content, online music magazines are now ruled by vested interests. Readers, like me and you, are no longer valued.

Here at Overblown we give you music fans a place where you belong. It is a community, like hanging out with your friends and talking about music in the pub. We put the reader first. You are Overblown’s priority.

Over 1,700 articles, Millions of Page Views, 10k Fans & Counting!

Overblown was set up in 2014 when flummoxed and fed up with the music industry one man with a comfortable, pensionable teaching position for life decided enough was enough with the music industry and set out to make readers and fans valued again. That man was me, Jamie Coughlan, and welcome to Overblown, where we put you and quality music and writing first!

Kinda Viral But Undoubtedly Great Bands

Since launching we’ve had numerous posts go kinda viral so much so that we’ve had to beef up our server to higher more expensive tiers. You can check out some choice posts that have been popular here, here, here and here (and here if you want even more!)

We’ve interviewed hundreds of bands and artists and helped them to get their music out. Some notable interviews are with the likes of Neurosis, Protomartyr, and Diet Cig.

Bigger, Bolder, Overblowner!

Now, we want to expand, build the community and bring proper music back to the masses – or at least those who want to hear but can’t find it due to the way the gems are always kept hidden. We’re going to shine a light like never before on the alternative music scene with podcasts, videos and more. That’s what we believe in, good music getting out there!

To help us in our cause we’re hoping some people like you (and really like you if you’ve read down as far as here!) will join us for the ride! To that end we’ve set up a Patreon page with some nice rewards for those who contribute to help Overblown grow. Click the button below to check out the rewards.

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Your Day’s Good Deed!

We’ve already got over 25 Patreons in less than a month which is pretty humbling but with big plans in the pipelines (and big server bills) we hope those ranks will swell rapidly. You can make it happen and any contribution on Patreon or liking/sharing and spreading of this page will help make it happen.

Just A Fraction Of A Fraction – Be That Fraction!

With your help Overblown can become even more influential and powerful in championing independent music and music journalism that values the reader. If just 2% of Overblown’s audience contributed $5 a month, that would make Overblown self sufficient.

That would mean more interviews, more video content, writer payments, a faster website, infographics, music flowcharts, podcasts, merchandise, and all the things we haven’t yet thought of. Anything that you, the reader, wants.

Thanks for reading, thanks for contributing and see you down the front.


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