Live Gallery: Counterparts @ Cathouse Rock Club, Glasgow 2 Dec 2016


Support from Expire, Landscapes & Knocked Loose

Canadian hardcore outfit Counterparts returned to the Glasgow on Friday the 2nd of December with an astounding line-up to send even the most casual fan crazy. Most notably, they brought Expire with them. This trip to the UK for the Milwaukee based hardcore band will be the last as Expire have decided to put an end to their project. Speaking of Expire being on the tour, Counterparts frontman Brendan Murphy said on stage that “they are honoured to be allowed to play with Expire on their final run”.

The night to remember did not start off particularly well however with Landscapes having technical problems during their set. After getting started on their set tragedy struck as one of the amps for the guitar seemed to blow out. The whole fiasco cost the band precious time resulting in them only getting to play a couple more songs. They reassured a fan on their Twitter site afterwards that they will be back – hopefully with more luck this time.

The best way to describe the room when Expire began their set is simply put: absolute craziness. As someone trying to photograph the event, I was kept on my toes when it came to keeping up with the band’s movement. Crowd-surfers, singalongs and everything you expect from an aggressive hardcore punk band was going on in the room. The band recently released their concluding album “With Regret” and the mix of songs was well balanced between their newer material and their older bangers. The band members, who have been performing together since 2009, definitely lifted the level of energy in the venue. As someone who was eager to see them play and was worried about the impact of the gear problems which Landscapes had right before them, I’m glad to say Expire went out with a bang.

The high energy continued on, surprisingly, as the headliners took to the stage. Counterparts recently released their new album “Tragedy Will Find Us” earlier this year and it seems to be a favourite among many fans in the scene. It did not seem like the audience were struggling to remember the words when it came to singing along. Although it was great to hear the new album live, it was a good throwback to hear the band play some of their older songs from their previous albums “The Difference Between Hell and Home” and “The Current Will Carry Us”. When it came to the encore, they even played a well loved track from their one of their earliest albums. Although some bands take the opportunity to play a well-loved newer track for their encore, Counterparts coming back onto play “Reflections” was received well with the crowd.

Special apologies to any Knocked Loose fans as I was unable to make it on time to catch them play first. From what I heard from those I spoke to in the crowd, they packed out the venue straight away. That is definitely an impressive feat for the first band on!

Expire will be continuing on to play dates in Germany to close out 2016 and then a show in Japan for the final time on January 29th next year. If you’re able to make any of these dates then there should be nothing stopping you. Experiencing this band live is something special and I doubt they would disappoint anyone in the crowd.

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