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Courtney Farren
Photo by Brett Sullivan

For anyone who ever loved the sweetness and light of The Sundays or the Scandinavian carriers of melancholy known as Daughter, we’ve got something special for you today.

Ahead of its release on Friday, we’ve nabbed the premiere of Courtney Farren’s debut album Nothing Like It, a collection of guitar and piano songs recorded in spring of this year.

Courtney is not one to hider the emotions she’s wearing on her sleeve, imbuing her music with a sincerity and honesty that could only be achieved through the personal experiences inspiring her to write in the first place. On ‘Nothing Like It’, we find stunning (and somehow calming) work, clever minimalist songwriting and heartfelt believable delivery.

“Out of all the songs on this record, Hard to Tell is my favorite for a few reasons. The main reason being that I so vividly remember the time and place I wrote it. I was in my friend’s apartment in Woodside, Queens, and it was around 4 in the morning. And the imagery in the song is so literally what I was feeling and doing. So maybe I didn’t actually put a tape of snoring on to wake up to (maybe I did), but the sentiment of all of the scenarios I describe in the song rang so true to how I was feeling that night,” says Courtney Farren.

“I really love this song, and it means a lot to me. I hope people are able to relate to the stark, literal nature of the lyrics, and know I’m telling the truth from start to finish.”

Now based in New York City, Fareen grew up in the San Francisco Bay area, Farren has made New York City her current home base. Having moved 12 times in childhood to various northern California locations created restless settlement patterns, which followed her into adulthood, having lived in four very different cities in 2017 alone – San Francisco, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, and now New York.

Courtney Farren will continue a tour she began last month in Europe with American Anymen in support of this album. Courtney Farren’s CD Release Party is happening tonight at New York’s Secret Project Robot with support from American Anymen, Mischef Night, and Crazy & The Brains. Catch her at other upcoming shows, as noted below.


Oct. 4 New York – CD Release Party at Secret Project Robot with American Anymen, Mischef Night, Crazy & The Brains
Oct. 22 New York – Courtney Farren Zine Party – Sunnyvale. 1031 Grand St. (Sunday Matinee) with American Anymen, Linda Draper, Reonda
Nov. 2 Boston, MA – Hennessy’s Hooley House
Nov. 10 New York – Shrine World Music Venue

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