Crake Share Video for ‘Sisters’

Earlier in 2017 we featured Crake as our new band of the day based on the strength of their debut EP By The Slime Mould. The band have joined creative forces with Leeds based artist Anne-Marie Atkinson for this video for the song ‘Sisters’ which is taken from that EP. It would seem that Anne-Marie and Crake’s chief songwriter Rowan Sandle share an obsession with slime mould. Whilst that may seem an unusual thing to develop an obsession over we should all be thankful they did. It’s the inspiration for this beautiful song and marvelous video that accompanies it.

There’s something very comforting about both the song and the video, from the title of the song and the gentle guitar strumming to the fascinating shapes and yellowness of it all, despite its solemnity it manages to soothe. The song (the whole EP for that matter) had this effect on me back in May when I first heard it and was looking forward to the drawn out summer nights that lay ahead and it has the same effect on me know that Autumn has landed and summer never really seemed to arrive. It also somewhat delightfully reminds me of a song called ‘Razorblade’ by Sonic Youth which I’d forgotten existed and am now pleased to have back in my life.

Watch the video, enjoy the song then go check out the rest of the EP.

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