Crake – The Politics of Lonely EP – Full Stream

I’m a real sucker for anything nice and Crake are exactly that. Not the bland ok’ish kind of nice, Crake are the heart warming, gentle glow inducing, making the world a better place kind of nice. Crake’s new EP is called The Politics of Lonely and is released on Friday 25th May. You can hear all three of the tracks from it right here including the first play anywhere of the final track ‘Tidal Swells’ which is my personal favourite. It’s a beautifully paced folk ballad, the slight discomfort in it’s lyrics balanced by the gentle delicacy of its instrumentation and raised by the addition of brass and an uplifting chorus. The EP is the first time the band have released music as a four piece following on from live performances using that set up. In an unusual but completely charming development this EP is being released on an RSPB pin badge which you can see pictured below.

The Politics of Lonely by Crake is released on the 25th May 2018 and you can get it at their bandcamp

Crake Play the following live dates:
2nd June – Long Division Festival, Wakefield
5th June – EP launch night at Oporto, Leeds (poster below)
15th June – Dubrek, Derby

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