The Creative Process Podcast Ep. 5: Elder


Over the course of four albums, Boston’s Elder have deftly combined the genres of stoner metal, doom metal, and progressive rock. Drawing on influences from Black Sabbath to King Crimson, the group have slowly carved out their own unique and powerful sound. Thier latest album, ‘Reflections of a Floating World’, was released on June 2nd and sees the group continue to meld adventurous with accessibility.

I spoke to Nick DiSalvo, guitarist and vocalist with the group, about how their creative process has had to change and adapt due to changing life situations, the influence of Japan on the new record, and the place of the album in the modern musical landscape.

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Show notes

Approaching writing and recording
“We used to jam together. But it’s just not possible anymore”
There used to be no pressure
Leaving room for improvisation in the studio
“We all changed our lives radically”
Ukiyo (浮世, “Floating World”) “I was actually at a Japanese flea market”
Wealth, flourishing arts, and hedonism.
Worries about becoming formulaic
Exploratory but accessible
Other creative outlets
“There was a time when I was super influenced by all things Russian”
Gentle Giant, Yes, King Crimson, Motorpsycho, & Diagonal.

Music by Ealadha.

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