The Creative Process Podcast – Ep 6. Rosetta


New album Utopioid is out now.

On the surface, Pennsylvania’s Rosetta are a post metal band. However, over the course of six albums they have incorporated elements of post-hardcore, shoegaze, drone, post-rock, avant-garde and ambient music in their expansive sound. The quintet have just released their most recent record Utopioid. Delving into areas that are more atmospheric and melodic than the group’s previous work, it also displays the band’s intrinsic need to develop.

I spoke to Matt Weed, guitarist and vocalist with Rosetta, about what exactly the band does during their 10 hour writing sessions, arranging music before composing it, and the influence of LucasArts point and click games on his musical development.

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Show notes

10-hour music writing marathons.
Shift from riffs to ideas.
“I have an idea for a song and this is the feeling I want it to convey”.
Arranging the music before writing the music.
Four part symphonic structure.
Four seasons / Life cycle.
Disciplined writing rather that improvisational.
“You get entrenched in patterns of behaviour. We consciously developed a new working method, because we wanted to make new sounds.”
More democratic / less territorial.
Portmanteau “Utopiod”
“The utopia that was promised doesn’t materialise, so the opioid replaces it.”
Coming to terms with existential despair.
Growing older. “I don’t fell like I used to and I don’t like that.”
Operating independently.
No middle man.
Have people figured out that they have to pay for quality?
LucasArts adventure games.
“Stars of the Lid is my favourite band”
Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island, The Dig.
Narrative rather than reflexes.
Kentucky Route Zero.
Is being a musician worth the hassle?
“Never evaluate your life in a janitor’s closet back stage.”

Music by Ealadha.

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