CRITICS Interview: “A comment on what can happen to any artist once they become successful.”


CRITICS are currently riding high from the release of their debut EP ‘Spilt Milk’, which they’re soon to take out on the road with Scottish rockers VUKOVI. The EP is an eclectic mash-up of electronic, rock and theatrical influences which create quite the listening experience, and all this is only helped along by Lynn Paighton’s virtuosic and addictive vocal performance. Definitely an EP made for dancing to when you think no one will see, it’ll be easy to let up all your pent up teen angst with this record as the band ensnare you with their sugar-rush hooks and pointed lyrical observations.

Before they head off on tour with VUKOVI, we had a catch up with the band to see what they’re up to.

O: How did you guys all get together to make music?

C: We all met through touring in previous bands, and once they all came to an end we started to look for other like minded people to start music together. We were all friends and it seemed like a natural progression for us.

O: You’ve just released your EP ‘Spilt Milk’ which varies quite a lot in terms of sound throughout. What influences your music?

C: We take influence and inspiration from all areas of music, both past and present. Therefore we take elements of different genres that we love and listen to, and endeavor to entwine them in an innovative fashion. So all musicians what we listen to have an effect on the material we produce.

O: Are you enjoying the response you’ve had to the EP?

C: It’s been great so far but before we officially launched the band we spent about a year in the studio honing our sound, and sometimes when you’re locked away you worry if others will feel the same about your music as you do, but after hearing all the positive feedback from fans we were pleased that it has been so well received.

O: The track ‘Famous’ is quite tongue-in-cheek – what made you want to write it?

C: We wanted to make a song that captured the perceived image of a ‘Rockstar Lifestyle’, but we also wanted to make a comment on what can happen to any artist once they become successful. You can be loved as well as hated and even after all the negatives it can bring, it is still an exciting way to live.

O: Ahead of your tour with Vukovi you’ve said you’ve got some “exciting things in the pipeline”, are you able to tell us a little more about what’s in store?

C: We can’t share anything as of yet, but we’re working very hard behind the scenes and hopefully will be able to announce it all soon!

O: You had a pretty crazy 2016, what’s your favourite memory from the year?

C: We had some great times last year but I think our favourite memory was when we played the Electric Ballroom in Camden with Theory Of A Deadman. It was nearly a year to the day from when we all went to see The Pretty Reckless at the same venue and decided to start a band together, so it was a full circle moment.

What are you most looking forward to in 2017? We have a some great plans for this year, we’re looking forward to get new music out there and touring and meeting as many new fans as possible.



Fri 10th GLASGOW – King Tuts
Sat 11th LEEDS – Key Club
Mon 13th MANCHESTER – Sound Control
Wed 15th BRISTOL – The Louisiana
Thurs 16th LONDON – Boston Music Rooms
Sat 18th NOTTINGHAM – Rock City Basement

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