Crushed Out – ‘Skinny Dippin’ (Overblown Video Premiere)

New Album Alien Ocean  Out September 16th.

Ever been skinny dipping? I don’t believe that I have. I do seem to recall going swimming late one night (early one morning?) after a load of Chang beer in Thailand maybe nine years ago. Good times. That’s the closest I’ve got. Well, it seems that surf/rock ‘n’ roll duo Crushed Out think you should not make the same mistake as me and break the seal on skinny dipping. They’re so eager about it that it’s the title of this new track of theirs, gleaned from their upcoming album Alien Ocean.

The song is a laid-back and good time track full of homages to surf rock and early rock ‘n’ roll. Evocative slide guitar plays country contrast to the main echoing blues guitar, bouncing bass line, and shuffling drum beat. All the while singer/guitarist Frankie Sunswept explores the advantages of skinny dipping before imploring, “How come you don’t wanna come skinny dip-dip-dipping?/Everybody wanna come skinny dip-dip-dipping!”

The video is a grab all vintage road trip to the beach to go skinny dipping. A boom box makes an appearance, a pair of glasses that Lisa Turtle would have worn to The Max, and smores. I suppose smores are kinda timeless though really. Guess what? Everyone goes skinny dipping in the end.

Here’s what Frankie Sunswept had to say about the track, “Put on ‘Skinny Dippin’ and we are transported into a dream world where Lou Reed, Link Wray, and Jerry Lee Lewis drive their hot rod through 1960’s southern California only to find a dark and modern twist on their nostalgia. Playing on kitschy cartoonish ideas of beach culture and my experiences growing up in Hermosa Beach, CA, characters such as “Refer Sam” and “Hula Hula Betty” roam the beaches at night inviting people along for a midnight skinny dip party. Had a lot of fun shooting this vid in NYC. Moselle had a blast decorating the inside of our tour van to the 9s as a rolling goth tiki bar. This hot July day in 2016 we assembled a cast of our wild New Yorker friends and drove them out to Brighton Beach for a cool sunset.”

You can pre order Alien Ocean on 12″ vinyl, CD, or cassette via PledgeMusic.

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