Dakota Blue – ‘Subliminal’ (feat. Augusta Dayton) | Overblown Track Premiere

dakota blue

New EP, Rodeo Knife, is out in June.

The idea of subliminal messages always kind of freaked me out as a kid. For ages after I first read about them, I imagined I was being brainwashed from all corners (probably not all that paranoid) and the subject of a government conspiracy to turn me into some kind of Manchurian Candidate (probably a little paranoid).

There is nothing at all paranoid about the new track from L.A.’s Dakota Blue. A minimal and melancholic combination of synth and guitar, ‘Subliminal’ is a true beauty. It features the lush and vulnerable vocals of Augusta Dayton, which adds a nuance to the song that it would be lost without. Actually, it evokes a beautiful sleepiness reminiscent of waking up drowsily at the weekend and realising you can just stay a bit a little while longer.

Apparently, the track features ‘found sounds’. I’ve no idea where in the track they can be found so maybe they are lost again. I’ll have to ask the band.

‘Subliminal’ is the first single to be gleaned from Dakota Blue’s upcoming new EP, Rodea Knife. I’ve Googled it, and have no idea if a rodeo knife is actually a real thing. If anyone can clue me in, please do.

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