Danish Post Punks Less Win Stream ‘Bayonet’, Announce Debut UK Show

less win bayonet

Debut UK EP out on The Big Oil Recording Company on June 19th

Release show at Bedroom Bar, London on June 17th

It must be very noisy in Denmark. In the last number of years, the country has birthed some of the most exquisitely raucous punk in the form of Iceage, Yung, and Lower. We can now add Less Win to that cacophonous group. The post punk trio consists of guitarist Casper Morilla, bassist Patrick Kociszewski and drummer Matthew Moller, and, with their powers combined, they make quite a racket. After selling out two runs of cassette tapes through the Copenhagen based tape label Infinite Waves, and crafting a fairly awesome debut album in the form of “”GREAT””, the powers that be decided that Less Win’s combination of post punk and no wave was ready for consumption on a mass scale.

Their first UK EP, Further, is set for release via The Big Oil Recording Company on June 19th, and ‘Bayonet’ is our first sharp taste of what the band have in store. As with recent releases by countrymen Yung and Iceage there’s a constant sense that the whole enterprise is going to come apart at the seams. Not that it is played shabbily, far from it in fact, but rather that the music is so chaotic and tense that it seems that it could implode on itself at any given moment. Tie this room together with a carpet of razor sharp melody, and you have yourself a fairly awesome result.

Apparently the trio’s live show is something to behold, and so heading to their debut London show on June 19th in Bedroom Bar is probably and essential. Personally, I want the Iceage, Yung, Lower, and Less Win tour. Sweet.

Album artwork:

less win bayonet

Futher EP track listing:

  1. As Of Today
  2. Bayonet
  3. I’m The Shore
  4. Listen Louder

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