Dave Wesley – ‘Laranja Swadhisthana 67_5 – EPv1’ | Overblown Single Premiere

Photo by Bernadette Carroll

Laranja Swadhisthana 67_5 – EPv1 is out via Arctic Dub (Sursumcorda) on 18 August

We don’t usually venture too far into electronic music, but for the latest release from Dave Wesley we had to make an exception. The Porto based experimental dub techno and ambient producer and DJ from Minneapolis has a new two track single out on Friday and we’ve got the exclusive UK stream right here.

It is a hypnotic and soothing adventure that prioritises subtle and slowly unfolding ideas. Luscious and enveloping, the songs here are slowly builds that subtly add layer upon layer upon layer lulling the listener into a space of utmost relaxation. Combining chill, dub techno, experimental, and ambient genres with a deftness that is beyond impressive, Wesley creates a late night spooky atmosphere that is simply beautiful.

Based in Portugal these days, Wesley works under a series of monikers: Dave Wesley (ambient dub techno), Existente (ambient), Xerography (dark cinematic techno), and The Mayhem Lecture Series (experimental and field recordings). Fond of a collaboration, he has also worked with with Casey Borchert under the name The Push and with an improvisational chill music ensemble called TV Crush.

“This EP was born out of the sweltering summer heat of inland Portugal and a recent trip to Lisbon, where African tribal rhythmic influence is strong in the air and in the airwaves. I strive to create music that has multiple utility (i.e. for grooving, dancefloor, background ambiance, active listening, etc),” explains Dave Wesley. “I’m greatly influenced by minimalism and iterative process oriented art – and strive to create pieces that, on the surface, are repetitive, while deeper listening reveals a subtly evolving cinematic scene. I’m also obsessed with the contradistinction of contemporary clean digital sonics within beds and layers of lo-fi aural contexts and field recordings, which I think is apparent in this release.”

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