Daydreams Interview: “I’d want people to listen to my music if they were in love.”

daydreams interview

Debut Album Out On February 29th.

Do you have daydreams? I don’t really. But I sometimes enjoy to fall asleep in front of the television. There’s something oddly soothing about the fuzz of the TV’s sound. The same can be said for daydreams, the new musical project of the LA based Daniel Chavez Crook. He used to do remixes but now does a very endearing lo-fi shoegaze. Immediately arresting, it grabbed me and here we are.

Daniel took a little time to talk about capital letters, debut albums, and Liverpool. Nice chap.

O: Thanks for taking the time to talk to Overblown. So, how come there is no capital letter at the start of your band name?

D: Oh thank you for having the time to talk to me! I actually don’t know to be honest, on posters for shows that I play – it’s capitalized, and on some shows it’s not, so I’m questioning it as much as you are haha.

O: Who is actually in the band? How did you begin to play together?

D: Well Daydreams is a solo project of mine and I used to play by myself along with a drum machine. But during this past Winter I realized that I wanted a live drummer (my friend Aidan Gould) and a bassist (my older brother Carlo) just so I can enjoy playing my music with people live, and also for the fact that it just sounds way better too!

O: On your Soundcloud, the description you have for your music is: “songs that you’d put on a playlist for someone you like”. Is it important for you to create songs like that? Why?

D: It definitely is. The music and lyrics that I create is something that I’d want listeners to listen to if he or she fell in love with someone.

Growing up as a musician in high school, I always listened to bands that put out music I really related to at the time – bands like Weezer, Built to Spill, My Bloody Valentine, New Order, etc. And so I’d put those songs on playlists for the girls I liked at the time hoping they’d enjoy the songs as much as I do.

Now I write about my relationship with my girlfriend Rachel hoping that the listener would feel the same way I did when I listened to those bands in high school.

O: Your most recent track is called ‘Trust’. It’s fuzzy and lo-fi so we love it! It will feature on your upcoming debut album. What can you share with us about the album? Or is it an EP?

D: I’m glad you love it, can’t wait to share more fuzzy and lo-fi songs with you guys soon.

The album is going to be released on February 29th for download as well as cassette via this local label called Valencia DIY, it’ll be the label’s debut release as well!

Pretty much the album is about trust and forgiveness in a relationship as well as self doubt. Each song and lyric is based on what I’ve felt in the past year whether if I was happy or sad. The goal of this album is to relate to people on an emotional level, and I really hope it does.

O: Do you have a Bandcamp page? I couldn’t find it. If not, why don’t you have one?

D: I actually do have one haha, I actually have multiple. All of them are like different projects I’ve had before Daydreams. I think my current one has an EP I released last year that was super synth based and lofi.

O: What interests you outside of the band and music?

D: So much! I absolutely love English Football, every weekend around 5AM-7AM here in Los Angeles I try to wake up and watch Liverpool matches live haha. But I also love animals, especially my cat Charmander. He’s full of energy and acts like an angsty teenager, just like my music!

O: Your remix of Spazzkid’s track ‘Getting To Know You’ got a bit of attention on Soundcloud. Is doing more remixes something that interests you? What is appealing about doing a remix?

D: Well I believe I made that remix about a year and half ago during the time I made synth based music. With that being said doing remixes now doesn’t interest me like it did before when I first started making electronic music. But at the time the best thing about doing a remix was making a version of a song that I enjoyed, hoping it’d do justice to the original.

O: Any upcoming gigs planned?

D: I do! I have a couple of shows lined up at my school over at CalArts before the semester ends, but other than that I’m hoping to play more shows in the city or anywhere in California once I release the album.

O: What was the best gift you ever received?

D: I think the best gift I’ve ever gotten was either a Millenium Falcon toy my uncle got me for Christmas in 2005 or my Sailor Jupiter pillow my girlfriend got me last year!

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