Daydreams – ‘Lavender Punk’ | Overblown Video Premiere

New album When We Slept In The Treehouse is out now.

And so here’s a track of lo-fi, indie hearted, shoegazey wonderment accompanied by a retro VHS styled video of Daydreams playing in what looks like the green area outside some shops to us. With an over abundance of information and super produced music bustling around the internet and radios these days, any break from perfection for a bit of humanity is extremely welcome. Of course, with their buried vocals, jangling guitars, and love of echo this is exactly what Daydreams provide. They are the lavender punks and they are the antidote.

As an added bonus, Daydreams have an album out today which is romantically named When We Slept In The Treehouse. In my mind it is Bart Simpson’s treehouse and he’s up there with Laura Powers. Overblown has always had a soft spot for Darlene Conner you see. That took a turn for the creepy. Apologies.

Pick up the album via Bandcamp or listen to it below.

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