Dear Reader’s Soundtrack For When You’re Feeling Low

Dear Reader’s new album Day Fever is out February 24th via City Slang.

The term ‘dear reader’ always reminds Overblown of the wonderful R.E.M. song ‘Sad Professor’ from their 1998 album Up. It’s a beautiful, playful and nostalgic song that inspires the listener to pause and listen intently. The same can be said of the Berlin via Johannesburg art pop quartet who are also named Dear Reader. Incorporating a mixture of organic and electronic instrumentation along with a Kate Bush tinged vocal, their newest track ‘Then Not Now’ certainly grabs the listener’s ears. On top of that, it is a song that explores the expiration of relationships and possesses a gorgeous gently soaring chorus. As such, the track is perfect for when you are feeling low.

With this in mind we asked Dear Reader to compile a list of ten tracks that they listen to when they are feeling low. It involves Star Wars. In the most odd and wonderful way.

1. tUnE-yArDs – Time of Dark

tUnE-yArDs’ Nikki Nack is a special album for me. Her use of the human voice and strange rhythms and sounds is unique and inspiring and wonderful. I also really relate to the lyrics. This song is uplifting and hopeful and I love bellowing along to the backing vocals in the chorus.

2. My Brightest Diamond – Be Brave

I think this song is a masterpiece. It’s incredibly powerful, a mantra to sing to yourself when you need some encouragement and a little perspective: “It’s so hard, it’s so heavy, to be hungry, to be happy. It’s so light, it’s so easy just to be.”

3. Beck – Turn Away

I feel this song, deep down in my bones. It’s disarmingly simple and makes me feel incredibly nostalgic, although I know not what for.

4. sir Was – Falcon

I love the mood of this song. It’s wistful but also has a coolness to it that makes me feel like I can cruise through life.

5. Roomful of Teeth – Shaw: Allemande (1st Movement) from Partita for 8 Voices

This piece kind of blew my mind the first time I heard it. Put your headphones on and be ready to be transported somewhere else. It’s impossible to feel lonely with all of these voices whispering and wailing and buzzing in your ears.

6. Joni Mitchell – Both Sides Now

I’ve loved this song since I was a child. The poetry is beautifully balanced, the song divided into three parts, each one showing two sides of a coin. Great medicine when pondering the ambiguity of life.

7. Grizzly Bear – Yet Again

This is one of those songs that hits you from the very first listen. Such a gorgeous melody, and a rolling groove that instantly makes you sway. Never fails to put a smile on my face.

8. Peter Gabriel – Mercy Street

This song is just plain beautiful. It’s sad and eerie and then when the chorus comes in it all lifts up and you can immerse yourself in the feeling that everything’s going to be ok.

9. The Dodos – Season

I’ve loved this song for years and it doesn’t grow old for me. It starts really melancholy, but by the end it’s this whooping, wild release, and afterwards you feel like your demons have been exorcised.

10. Bad Lip Reading – Bushes of Love

I know this is a joke song, but it gets me in the gut every time. It’s completely absurd and yet an exquisite pop song. God knows why it speaks to me so, but I just love it.

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