Death Grips Share Video For ‘More Than The Fairy’ (feat. Les Claypool)

New Album Bottomless  Is Out Now.

What happens when experimental punk/hip hop pioneers Death Grips collaborate with Les Claypool of equally experimental funk rock/metal pioneers Primus on a new track? Insanity ensues it seems, if ‘More Than The Fairy’ is any indication. Frantic drum ‘n’ bass beats pulse throughout the track vying for the spotlight with Claypool’s fat bass slap as MC Ride alternates between lethargy and enthusiasm shouting the title and rapping about God knows what. In typical Death Grips fashion, the song is an unrelenting, confrontational track that is kick you in the crotch, spit in your eye fantastic.

FYI, this track does not feature on latest album Bottomless and is not available anywhere except for the YouTube video above.

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