The Death Of Pop – Whenever – Play It Again, Sam

The Death Of Pop - Whenever

Playing Happy Families

The Death of Pop are made up of three brothers and two cousins. This Kings of Leon-esque family affair originated in London and many weddings, funerals and birthday parties must surely have involved a great deal of The Cure, My Bloody Valentine and Siouxsie and the Banshees if the jangly shoegaze of their most recent single “Whenever” is anything to go by.  It’s all watery guitars, propulsive drums and Ian Brown-like vocals drowned in echo and will appear on their Fifths EP which is scheduled for release on July 28th through the Art Is Hard flexizine series.

For some reason, the song reminds me of a night/morning I spent riding around London on a Boris bike after a particularly hedonistic evening in Fabric. That was an evening imbued with unburdened opportunities. Not even unceremoniously falling off the bike and nearly getting hit by an impatient bus could spoil the moment. Best night of my life. It’s the sense of freedom and positivity that is intrinsic to the song that causes this nostalgia perhaps. It tugs you back to those times when you felt anything and everything was possible.

Catch the guys live Upstairs at the Garage on the 7th August in London supporting Michael A GrammarSeven quid. Bargain.

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