Deers @ Broadcast, Glasgow 26/11/2014

Deers @ Broadcast, Glasgow 26/11/2014
Photographs courtesy of Kimberley Wilson

Happiness is infectious. After a long wait Deers bounce onto stage in front of a packed Broadcast to play the final show of a short run of UK dates. The size of the audience and their palatable excitement must be somewhat bewildering for a band who have only released two singles. That’s hype for you and Deers are determined to live up to it.

Immediately I am struck by the size of personalities on stage. These four girls from Madrid radiate charisma and charm. They have an almost shy confidence that never borders on arrogance. Before any music starts they’re hugging each other and fist bumping. It’s like watching a close-knit gang wanting to do well for each other. Tellingly, they seem to be just as excited to see the audience as the audience is to see them. So far, so good but charm and charisma will only ever get a band so far and needs to be backed up with songs.

Deers certainly have the songs, perhaps not in quantity, but certainly in quality. ‘Warning With the Curling’ kicks us off, building in tempo while Ana and Carlotta dance and sway. There’s a lot of posturing, even the occasional synchronised move. The music itself is upbeat and completely absorbing. It’s indie pop in the most joyfully ramshackle of ways and not dancing seems impossible while they sing, whisper, shriek, whoop and yell.

Sure, there’s definitely the odd duff note but nobody cares, least of all the band. Deers are the perfect example of songwriting quality over technical ability and the former wins every time. It’s proof that good songs played in the right spirit makes for a thrilling show. They play a song that’s so new it doesn’t have a title and it’s great. Then they play part of a song  that they’ve not even finished writing yet and it’s incredible.

The audience probably only know half the set at best but every song receives a warm reception, they never drop in quality. We get treated to ‘Bamboo’, ‘Trippy Gum’, ‘Between Cans’ and the recent single ‘Castigadas en el Granero’ which sparkles live. The dual vocals work perfectly together. Ade on bass bops around and adds her voice to the mix while drummer Amber switches from smiling to singing along to laughing hysterically whenever she catches they eye of a bandmate. The set finishes with a raucous ‘Davey Crocket’ and the audience is pogoing much to the delight of the band, “that’s never happened before ever on the whole tour!” squeals Carlotta.

A great gig has the capacity to produce endless different reactions (dancing, crying, elation, aggression etc.) but my favourite gigs leave everyone smiling and after tonight they’ll still be smiling tomorrow morning. Deers friendly nature, high spirits and ultimately great songs permeate the whole venue, beguiling everyone present. Catch them live as soon as possible, you’ll want to see them again and again.