Deftones – ‘Ohms’ | Album Review


Deftones new album Ohms is out now via Reprise Records.

As I said in my last review, I was very unexcited for new music this year. Mastodon’s Medium Rarities was a great spark in 2020’s music scene but Deftones’ Ohms, the ninth album from the Sacramento alt-metal legends, has completely blown everything out of the water. The riffs and vocals send chills down my back and make the hair stand up on my arms. It is an absolutely monstrous album with some of my favourite Chino vocals since White Pony and that is quite a statement.

Ohms is a satisfying return to focused songwriting and heavy-hitting guitar riffs that are in your face but still have room to breathe and expand. It is destructively beautiful yet alluring like a siren’s call. It pulls you in further and further until you reach the other side of the band’s new journey that spans across ten tracks totalling 46 minutes.

The album begins with the second single that was released, ‘Genesis’. This is a song that is unrelenting and tugs on your heartstrings while simultaneously brings the walls of your home down around you with nasty riffs and heart-wrenching vocals from Chino I could only dream of being capable of performing myself. As you listen you will find yourself slowly moving in a trance-like state after being hypnotized by the repeating guitar lines and vocal harmonies during the chorus. It is one of my favourite Deftones song to date.

So far since the album’s release, ‘Error’ seems to be a fan favourite that people believe is a worthy rival to any masterpiece from the White Pony album. I completely agree with this statement. It is emotive, heavy and 100% satisfying.

Halfway through the album, you will encounter ‘The Spell of Mathematics’. This sludge driven song trudges slowly along with high gained, fuzzed-out bass and guitar tones. This song is a raw, emotional and trippy experience that you will not regret experiencing.
Moving deeper into ‘Ohms’ more mysterious and eery territory is ‘Pompeji’ with vocals style somewhat similar to Tool’s Maynard James Keenan who previously appeared on ‘Passenger’ on White Pony. It is haunting yet attractive and pretty until reaching its distorted chorus that appears out of nowhere.

Finishing up the album is the title track. The song flourishes beautiful chords after travelling a dark and mysterious path. Its riff is simple but memorable with vocals from Chino that leave me wondering about the songs subject matter, where it came from, what inspired it and the whole album. It is simply beautiful.

I have had no internet for weeks and I actually went on a random bus to use the internet and download this album. It was absolutely worth it. Ohms is a raw, emotional, focused, sleek, sexy and mysterious package all rolled into one album with amazing production. It will be talked about in 20 years time just like we have talked about the masterpiece that is White Pony.

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