Deleter Share ‘Seclusion’, Album Release Date

deleter seclusion

Oblique Seasons  Is Out Dec 7th Via Land Ski Records And 25 Diamonds.

Minneapolis self proclaimed ‘espionage rock’ quartet Deleter have shared the first single from their upcoming debut album Oblique Seasons. ‘Seclusion’ is a percussive and melodic two minute journey through what appears to be paranoia, riffs, and synths. Oblique Seasons, out December 7th via Land Ski Records and 25 Diamonds, follows on from raft of EPs, including Zweite Kompistion which we at Overblown think is the bee knees.

They also enjoy a bit of a chat. Earlier on in the year we talked to lyricist/guitarist, and the awesomely named, Knol Tate about abstract poetry, hive minds, and strange parents.

Listen to ‘Seclusion’ and its b-side ‘Mention You’ below.

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