And We Should Die Of That Roar – “Nobody Cares” Video (Overblown Premiere)

As we discovered in our recent interview with blues folk one man band And We Should Die Of That Roar, mastermind behind the project Hardy Hum is not shy about offering his opinion. The video for “Nobody Cares”, the title track from his debut release, serves as a visual depiction of this forthrightness. A collaboration with Swedish director Christopher Astrom of Wizworks Studio, the video is a dark and evocative trip through the inner recesses of our personal and collective consciousness, the casual, laid-back camera work juxtaposed wonderfully with the grotesque imagery on screen. As such it is the perfect accompaniment to the oompah stomp of the track, which sounds like a determined serial killer stalking their prey.

“The remains of this old psychiatric hospital where the video is mainly shot, is in a way thought of as our own mind set of what is going on in the world,” adds Astrom. “See, we tend to shun away from all these evil things that threaten to disturb our peaceful, albeit rather boring and monotonous, lives; so we build this asylum within our selves where we can lock away all this crazy and horrific stuff that is going all over the world, so that we can without a care keep watching all those reality shows and just worry about if your favorite participant on the show wins or if the next iPhone will be sold out before you get one.”

“Yes, and the problem is that these things you kind of lock up in these chambers of denial – there’s no escaping from them really, they’re still there, feeding on our souls, eating us alive from inside out, “agrees Hardy. “The shit doesn’t really go away as soon as we shove our heads in the sand. So this video tells a story of that “squirrels heartbeat” and “of that roar” that we are so afraid of. These emotional scrapheaps are not a sustainable way for us to be and engage in the world. Their help is extremely egoistic while being only temporary and often mostly illusory as they just allow us to enjoy the luxury of escaping or at least alleviating the burden of all wrongs in the world – but only for a brief second… but it is completely ineffective considering that these wrongs can never be managed by being ignored… what happens instead is that our conscience is being haunted by the ghosts of all people who have been killed or who still are suffering under the weight of these wrongs… and they are just having a party in these forgotten and deliberately unattended rooms inside us, creating an army of New World Citizens whose disposition for thinking and feeling is infected and damaged from the get go.  Chances are, if we sustain this attitude towards the world, that our future might not look so bright ahead.”


And We Should Die Of That Roar’s debut album was released in November. Stream it here