Dignan Porch – ‘Don’t try it’ EP | Overblown EP Premiere

The Don’t try it EP is out on March 6th via Plastic Stuff.

The last few years has seen a solid return to lo-fi home recordings in the vein of 80’s stalwarts such as Beat Happening and Guided By Voices. South London DIY noise pop quintet Dignan Porch have been very much integral to this revival since the release of their debut single ‘On A Ride/The Day Things Changed’ in 2010 on Captured Tracks. On March 6th they’ll release their latest EP Don’t try it via Plastic Stuff, but we are absolutely stoked to be able to bring you a full stream of it right now. Exclusively.

The group are set to release three EPs this year via Plastic Stuff, which is a new independent music, art and events collective. Their goal is to put out short digital releases by underexposed musicians and to also promote collaborative events that bridge artistic genres and mediums. Don’t try it sees the group take the skewed, off kilter but melodic song writing of guitarist/vocalist Joseph Walsh in a laid back and casual direction replete with hand claps, fuzzed up guitars, and playful arrangements.

Veering from the jangle pop of ‘Flesh Vessel’ to the more insistent ‘Flood’, the EP acts as an enticing first entry in this three EP series. The whole thing feels so effortless that we wager it was actually rather difficult to sling together. Perfect for a Sunday drive.

Listen to the entire EP below. You can check out the video for ‘Flood’ above. Recorded by the band’s drummer Phillipa Bloomfield, it consists of footage from the band’s European tour.

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