Dilly Dally Interview: “On Stage Is Where Everyone In This Band Feels Most Alive”

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Debut Album Sore  Is Out October 9th Via Partisan/Buzz Records.

Currently in rock music there is quite a bit to get excited about. There’s the every day intellectualism of Protomartyr, the cathartic exorcism of Perfect Pussy, and the insightful slackerdom of Courtney Barnett to name just, three examples. But where are the over sized anthems? Well, they’re all stacked on Toronto alt rock quartet Dilly Dally’s debut album Sore. If people aren’t singing these songs at festivals all over the world next summer, I’ll shut down Overblown.

Katie Monks, singer/guitarist with the group, was gracious enough to take some time recently to chat with us. We talked about Dilly Dally’s numerous bassists and drummers, Pixies and Nirvana comparisons, and playing live.

Dilly Dally debut UK tour
07 January – London, Victoria
22 January – Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
23 January – Manchester, Castle Hotel
24 January – Glasgow, Broadcast
25 January – Birmingham, Hare and Hounds
26 January – Bristol, Louisiana
27 January – Brighton, Green Door Centre
29 January – Aldershot, West End Centre

Overblown: Thanks for taking the time to talk to Overblown. Your debut album, Sore, is coming out on October 9th via Partisan Records and Buzz Records. Excited?

Katie Monks: So, unbelievably excited. I wanna go ham on a punching bag.

O: Over the years you’ve gone through a fair number of drummers and bassists. Any particular reason for this revolving door?

KM: For Liz (Ball – guitar) and I, Dilly Dally has always been our number one. It’s just not easy finding band-mates who are able to commit in the same way.

O: Josh Korody (Fucked Up, Greys) and Leon Taheny (Owen Pallett, Austra) produced your debut album. These are two guys with two very different CVs, although they did both work as engineers on Fucked Up’s recent album Glass Boys. What was it like working with two producers who come from such disparate musical backgrounds? Where did they find common ground?

KM: Josh is amazing with guitar tones, noises, style…. he really knows how to help bands commit to a sound, which is huge. And then Leon will always make sure the “song” cuts through the shit. I guess they found common ground in working with us, which is really beautiful in a lot of ways.

O: One of my favourite songs that you guys have released is ‘Candy Mountain’, but it didn’t make the album! Why was it left off Sore?

KM: We wanted Sore to sound like it all came from one place. One studio, one group of musicians…. ‘Candy Mountain’ is from a whole different era of Dilly Dally. But y’know…. Greatest Hits???

O: With Katie Monks’ idiosyncratic vocals, and your employment of the loudQUIETloud dynamic, Dilly Dally have often been compared to Pixies and Nirvana. How do you feel about those comparisons?

KM: It feels pretty weird to be put in such a confined box. We’re just making music that feels good.

I think that when the record comes out and people hear the whole piece for what it is, they’ll realize that we aren’t here to repeat history.

O: At the moment there is an abundance of young rock bands featuring female musicians such as Girlpool, Bully, Perfect Pussy, Joanna Gruesome and yourselves. These bands seem to be taking up where bands like L7 and Babes in Toyland left off twenty years ago in so far as chronicling the female experience through the medium of rock music. Do you think this helps in demystifying the female experience?

KM: My own female experience has never been mysterious to me. I can’t speak for anyone else, or how all of this stuff comes across to a male audience. It just seems very normal to me that women have a lot to say musically, just as men do. Human shit.

dilly dally interview

O: The artwork of Sore is quite striking. Who designed it, and how does it link to the album?

KM: I guess it was me who designed the image, or at least had a very specific idea of what I wanted it to be. An amazing artist and good friend of mine named Ashley Feldman made the jewelry from scratch and collaborated with her friends to make the whole thing come to life.

It relates to the album in a ton of ways. I don’t really wanna spell it out in a couple sentences… But yeah, there’s definitely intention behind it all.

O: You are touring North America throughout August with METZ. Is there anywhere you are particularly excited about playing?

KM: We’re heading off really soon to tour the album. So stoked to play all the shows, really, cause…. on stage is where everyone in this band feels most alive and… we’re completely addicted. And it’s kinda fucked.

O: You guys come from Toronto. It seems to be that there is a very strong scene in Toronto at the moment with bands like METZ, Greys, Fucked Up, and Alvvays flying the flag. Who do you think our readers should check out from Toronto?

KM: Is Alvvays from Toronto? (Yep – ed)

Crosss and HSY are my absolute favourite bands from here. These guys are the real deal, doing it for the right reasons. Truly inspired by those artists, and I feel they really represent something unique in the Toronto scene…. y’know, the doom.

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