Discolor Blind – ‘Poor Receipts’ | Overblown Track Premiere

discolor blind

New EP ‘Long Vivid Dream’ out September 1st via Republic of Music

Discolor Blind, a musical endeavour led by multi-instrumentalist Askhan Malayeri, is a varied and nuanced beast. Showing the influence of Malayeri’s ventures from his native Tehran to Cambridge and London and then across the Atlantic to Canada, his music deftly melds influences from all these regions creating a sound that is both modern and steeped in history.

‘Poor Receipts’ with its languid but tense beat is a perfect example. Developing slowly over its running time, it adds layer upon layer of a multitude of instruments combined with the lilting and yet malevolent vocals of Alexis Nadeau. The production is rich and enveloping, and the EP also features contributions of Grammy and Oscar-winning music producer Jeff Bass on the track ‘What Pain Brings’. We await the EP with baited breath.

“My music is usually score-based so I write the skeleton of the songs as sheet music before even touching my instruments. Once I’m done doing that which is really what makes the song what it really is I dump it on logic and started arranging it…. almost note by note. So I make sure everything and every note is in the right place,” explains Askhan Malayeri. “I try avoiding picking up an instrument and just playing along to the chords… makes for a generic sound which I’m sick of hearing on most people’s music.”

Check out previous single ‘Black and Grey’ below.

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