DITZ – EP1 | Track by Track


EP1 is out now.

Roaring out of Brighton with a gloriously fuzzed up penchant for mixing the grittiness of noise rock with the general acceleration of post hardcore, DITZ are a phonom. Last July they released their debut EP (simply titled EP1), a deliriously short blast that manages to be both as hard has a bag of spanners and as tongue in cheek as a Carry On movie. Maybe a slight exaggeration, but I liked the simile.

We spoke with Anton, guitarist, and Callum, vocals, about each of the tracks on the new EP.

1I am Chris Martin

This was the first track we wrote for the EP and the second we wrote as a band. The main core of the song came together over the course of our first practice at Small Pond studios in Brighton. Going in we knew we wanted a song with a big riff to keep our inner hardcore kids satiated. At the time we were a 4 piece, with our current guitarist Myles on drums and myself playing guitar. After the main riff was written we decided to keep the the actual notes the same throughout the song and instead we would use the rhythm of the drums and layers of guitars to mark progression in the song.

The intro to this song is something that we get asked about a lot. People always want to know what makes that sound. Credit goes to our bassist, Caleb, who is a bit of an obsessive when it comes to guitar pedals and any sound making oddities. One day whilst pawing through second hand pedals in a guitar shop in Brighton, he found this small box that is effectively just an oscillator and an output. I think when originally found it he was very keen to make some Refused type sounds so he had it ready at every practice for a while and after we came up with the drums at the intro for this song he jumped at the chance to fit it in.


This song is the odd one out on the EP as it wasn’t jammed out in a 3 hour practice session. This song started life as a instrumental demo on Logic that I made after listening to ‘Thumbscrews’ by The Jesus Lizard 10 times in a row. After it got into the practice room some of the sections got shuffled around and the drum break at 0:50 got added in. Personally I feel it’s the most cohesive and consistent track on the EP and it usually gets the biggest reaction live.

3No Thanks, I’m Full

The title of this song is actually a very subtle peep show quote (paintball episode). The bulk of this song, like lots of our earlier material, was jammed out over the course of three hours. Musically this song probably our most intense.

The original version of the song didn’t have the same outro and actually just finished with another chorus. I think this is everybody’s favourite to play live because the ending gives us so much room to improvise and vibe off each other. When we play it now we like to build it all up and take it back down a few times before finish it.

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