Divisionists – ‘Daybreak’ | Overblown Album Premiere


Daybreak is out on March 17th via Mount Watatic.

London based alternative rock/folk chaps Divisionists have quite the misleading name. Far from being divisive, their warm, jaunty, and melodic sound is surely one that unites rather than divides. Calling to mind the guitar pop of the early 90’s that seemed to stand alone in the face of the morose and po faced grunge, Divisionists are continuing a lineage that includes the harmony heavy work of R.E.M. and the sweet melodies of Evan Dando’s Lemonheads. On top of this, they’ve also decided to slam a few noise solos and feedback drenched sections in there for good measure too. Holding a touch of Neil Young’s incendiary Ragged Glory-era fire, these are just so you won’t rest and relax too much.

“We are very excited by how well ‘Daybreak’ came together as an album. For me, I’m lucky to be in such an great band: Mark, Rob, Mike and I have fantastic synergy to explore new territory, yet also the intense (obsessive!) perseverance to “get it right”. Musicians always say a record is a labor of love — in this case, it’s really been true. We’ve put the very best of us into this recording, to create an interpersonal and cultural snapshot of blood, sweat, tears, late nights at the pub, the whole works — and we believe we’ve made something cool,” says Divisionists’ frontman Brendan Quinn. Quinn is accompanied by Mark Bennett (guitars, synths, backing vocals), Mike Whitaker (bass, piano, backing vocals), Rob McGregor (drums, percussion) with Brian Idd (saxophone on ‘All Fall Down’), Gwen Knighton (backing vocals on ‘Colours (Song for a Spaceman)’ and ‘We Must Be Careful’) and Lisa Makros (backing vocals on ‘Freedom’).

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