Doghouse Charlie – ‘Party Song’ | Overblown Video Premiere

Doghouse Charlie’s self titled debut album is out May 26th.

‘Party Song’ by Pennsylvania’s Doghouse Charlie really popped into my life at a very apt time. When I heard it the other day, I was not having a good one to say the least. No need for details, it was just a bad day. Feeling pretty shitty. Some anxiety. Fun stuff. This track perked me up quite a bit. No mean feat.

Writing a song as positive as ‘Party Song’ can be pretty difficult to pull off. At every turn, there is the risk of delving into trite and contrived, dare I saw cheesy, avenues. Doghouse Charlie, by basing ‘Party Song’ in an earthy fuzz and near lo-fi production, manage to keep their endeavour grounded and, as a result, believable. Plus, that solo at the end is pretty life affirming. Like a less cranky Neil Young.

Accompanying the song is a charming and endearing video of who I presume are friends of the band hanging out, messing about, and generally smiling a lot. A smile goes a long way.

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