Doom Folk: A.A. Williams Shares Exquisite New Track ‘Love and Pain’

a.a. williams

A.A. Williams’ debut album Forever Blue is out on July 3rd via Bella Union.

Doom folk singer-songwriter A.A. Williams has released an epic new track titled ‘Love and Pain’. Taken from her forthcoming debut album Forever Blue, the track is a slow burner that builds leisurely before erupting into an epic crescendo worthy of any post-rock/metal outfit. Check the song out below.

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“’Love And Pain’ explores the juxtaposition of positive and negative emotions, specifically the titular feelings that often go hand in hand,” explains A.A. Williams. “The protagonist acknowledges that their ongoing sadness is often of their own creation – they try to accept love from another, but soon come to see that this affection masks more bitter intentions. I tried to mimic this harsh realisation musically, the cautious, inquisitive opening and verses starkly interrupted by the crushing weight of the latter half of the song – it’s repetitive chords, layered vocals and swirling synths evoking all-enveloping sorrow.”

The track follows two previous singles ‘All I Wasked For (Was To End It All)’ and ‘Melt’. Stream them below.

Forever Blue tracklisting:

1. All I Asked For (Was To End It All)
2. Melt
3. Dirt
4. Fearless
5. Glimmer
6. Love And Pain
7. Wait
8. I’m Fine

Forever Blue artwork:

a.a. williams

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