Doom Metal: Divide and Dissolve Share New Track ‘RVR’

divide and dissolve

Divide and Dissolve’s new 7 inch TFW is out on 7th August via Saddle Creek’s Document Series.

Australian doom metal duo Divide and Dissolve have released the first track from their upcoming 7 inch TFW. Titled ‘RVR’, the instrumental track is a typically oppressive and trudging beast of a track. The track takes a healthy influence from the drone tradition as it swirls and repeats hypnotically. The 7 inch also includes the track ‘8VA’. That one begins in a more minimal fashion before climaxing in a cacophony of saxophone. That will see its release in the coming weeks.

Pre-order the 7 inch over here.

Have a listen to ‘RVR’ below.

Check out the TFW vinyl artwork:divide and dissolve

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