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Burlington, Vermont shoegaze quartet Sleeping In are generous kind of chaps. Currently, they are giving their debut ep, cleverly titled EP, away for free via Bandcamp. Of course you can choose to give them a little bit of sponders (that’s Irish slang for money, dimwit) if you feel the inclination. Remember, a lot of blood sweat and tears goes into making music, and has been disgustingly devalued by the advent of the internet.

Anyway, I digress. The EP is the business. It’s made for the hazy, lazy days of summer with its trippy atmospherics, blissed out guitars, and amalgamation of post rock and shoegaze. Plus it has a track called ‘Big Starr’, and, well, Big Star bloody rule. Just ask Paul Westerberg (Alex Chilton was Big Star’s singer/songwriter and Paul Westerberg is The Replacements singer/songwriter. Try to keep up).

Listen to the EP below:

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