Eades: New Band of the Day #280


Eades’ new EP Abstract Education comes out April 30th via Heist or Hit.

The Leeds-based quintet describe their sound as “garage-wave,” harnessing the jitteriness of new wave and the looseness of recording straight to tape. Their new single ‘Present in the Moment’ is the frenetic rhythm of Parquet Courts minced with new wave leanings. It’s post-punk that adheres to the genre’s amorphous and loose origins.


Vocalist Harry Jordan provided some details on the recording of Abstract Education. “We approached it from a completely different angle to our debut. Firstly we decided to perform the instrumentals live without a click track or anything to allow us to speed up or slow and react a bit more like our live shows which we felt had an energy we hadn’t got across in our previous recordings. Secondly it was the first  time any of us recorded to tape which added some extra stresses and hurdles we haven’t had to deal with in the past. The limitations on how many tracks meant we had to be a lot more selective with our parts and make sure  everything playing was there for a reason. Luckily  we’ve always had a more minimal approach to arranging songs so this wasn’t too difficult. The main thing I struggled with was mixing with tape and how much longer it takes to do everything. Things that would take 5 minutes on a computer would take an hour!”

Eades buzz with the same nervousness as oxygen leaving the stage the second before a band opens. Check out Abstract Education when it drops April 30th!

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