Earl Grey – ‘The Times You Cross My Mind’ | Track by Track

earl grey

The Times You Cross My Mind is out now.

Combining emo, hardcore, and some math elements, Mönchengladbach, Germany quintet Earl Grey are a cathartic and melodic proposition. I also enjoy that every time I play their music I think to myself, “Earl grey. Hot.” But that’s just because I’m a nerd and have a terrible sense of humour.

The Times You Cross My Mind is their latest release. A five track EP, it mines the highs and lows of human experience to a sound that is forceful, emotional, and hooky.

We spoke to the group about what inspired each track on the EP.

1. Nothing

We wrote ‘Nothing’ as an opener because we thought that keeping it short and on point would suit it better than adding another part. The lyrics are straight up about being betrayed and dissapointed by friends and lovers and trying to find a cure for the feeling it leaves behind.

2. Never Sleep

This song is another one written about a personal conflict that we had with a person. It carries more anger than frustration what drives the instrumentals of the song into an angry and aggressive ending.

3. Snake Hips

A very nostalgic song about a time three years ago that I spent in a different town with different people that I am no longer with. Sometimes it takes you back to those days when you pass someone on the street who looks like someone that you used to know.

4. Sink

‘Sink’ is a song about the struggles that come with everyday life and at some point it’s just hard to comprehend. You feel like you sink and go under while all the stress and expectations that modern life has to everyone seem to change you against your own will and you’re affraid that you become someone who you never wanted to be.

5. Hollow

We wrote the lyrics for ‘Hollow’ to reflect our views on society and how fucked up everything gets by the fact that you have to slave your ass off to make a living and be the gear that always turns. It still carries the positive vibe of not giving up because you still have a choice. The lyrics were inspired by poems of Charles Bukowski.

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