Easy Tide – ‘Chasing The Sun’ | Overblown Video Premiere

‘Chasing The Sun’ is available for free now on Bandcamp.

Navan’s Easy Tide and their melancholic lo-fi take on alternative rock first popped into my awareness about two months ago with their tracks ‘Denim on Denim’ and ‘Mind Your Head’. Crafting a sound along the lines of the slowcore of Low but with a real love for the loudQUIETloud dynamic, those songs are earnest and honest tracks of gorgeous melodies and emotional heft.

Their newest track ‘Chasing The Sun’ sees them mining a similar vein. Led by the delicate and mournful croon of Aaron Dunphy, the three minute track explores a delicate contrast between restraint and fuzz while exploring the theme of unrequited love. Plus there’s a pretty glorious avant garde noise inspired solo. The video that accompanies the video is typically idiosyncratic. Comprising of blurry shots of what appears to be the band’s hometown and Aaron Dunphy playing the song in a dark room, it’s lack of focus is a wonderful counterpoint to the fuzz of the track.

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