Easy Tide Interview: “Anything sincere and honest is good. Real.”

easy tide

Debut album Ennui is out now.

Navan alternative rock trio Easy Tide are a band of extremes. They’re either extremely restrained, and delicate, incorporating beautifully graceful melodies into their softly strummed electric guitar, bass, drums approach or sucker punching the listener with shocks of enormous fuzz, feedback, and the odd squealing guitar solo. Either way, it is a singular pleasure to listen to them.

Their lo-fi approach calls to mind the reckless abandon of portions of the 90’s American indie rock scene. What I’m saying is they’d be well at home on Merge Records sitting alongside Superchunk. And this pleases me.

We spoke to the band about their two most recent singles ‘Denim on Denim’ and ‘Mind Your Head’, their DIY approach, and Bus Eireann buses.

O: I’m really enjoying your new track ‘Denim on Denim’. How do you feel about double denim in general?

ET: Yeah, course go for it whatever floats your goat. Fuck it man.

O: I’ve got a thing about DIY music videos and so this one really grabbed me. Who created the video and was their any concept behind it?

ET: Mark “The Guru” Carolan i.e Easy Tide’s newest addition as drummer. He has a studio in Slane which we have been using for many years. When our last drummer left it was the obvious quick fix. It works having him on drums. Fennor Lane Studios in Slane would be Easy Tide’s H. Q although Mark works with many musicians out there with video, recording and mastering tracks etc. He has good ears for music and a good eye for videos. We all nourish the whole D.I.Y approach to music be it videos or recording songs. Lo-fi and DIY is what we do. No one’s gonna do anything for us so ye…

No real concept behind ‘Denim on Denim’. Mark just had the idea of a chill video for it. The cat on the couch is one of the Fennor Lane animals. Her name’s Nina after Nina Simone. With the changes of the song she sometimes moves her ears correctly nearly being aware of the timing. Weird, but it works. We just film and rehearse / make noise, record and keep gigging, keep creating. We have to.

Overblown: For me some of your songs seem to be influenced by Low and the slow core movement of the early 90’s. Is that an accurate statement?

Easy Tide: I suppose in a way. There are three of us with very varying influences and it’s not all music. Something as pointless as street noises and chatter influence me anyway and right down to poetry even. Anything sincere and honest is good. Real.

O: In the last few months you have released two singles that did not appear on your Ennui album. Are this one off singles? Or will they appear on an upcoming EP or LP?

ET: Not really sure yet. The plan at the moment is to record a few more singles making our DIY music videos for them to upload to our YouTube. We might put some of them on an album in the future. We might not. We are constantly writing music, Just filter out what we turn into an Easy Tide tune or keep for ourselves or whatever. Aaron has a lot of stuff on his Bandcamp like that. We love making albums though. The process is nice. The final product is cool. We respect albums as pieces of work, art. We all have those albums we listen to from start to finish and can’t fault. We hope to release another few albums. Hopefully good ones. Regardless we will keep going. Been going a while now on our own incentive. Since like 2010. We all lived together for years. Been a long ride.

O: The other new song is called ‘Mind Your Head’. It is a song of contrasts as it has soothing passages that are put against fuzzed up louder sections. What inspired the song both musically and thematically?

ET: ‘Mind Your Head’ is a fuzzy one. To be honest, I got the few chords and way that its played first jamming with Steven, Mark and Killian from Chinese Newspaper. And weirdly I was playing a guitar as a mess jam. Riff stuck in me head and me and the boys over at Easy Tide jammed it and I stuck the lyrics to it. Handy. I write a lot of the initial riffs and chords etc on guitar even though in Easy Tide I play bass. I have a nylon acoustic 6 string guitar helps me lay out lyrics and get the feels. ‘Mind Your Head’ is a personal guide to staying well for me anyway haha. Stay away from what you think is good for you, hide out in my mind forever, don’t go outside no, hide forever.

PS if you look on Bus Eireann buses it usually has a MIND YOUR HEAD sign on them. Steven stole me one years ago. I still have it. I even seen it in my GPs a few weeks back. Another MIND YOUR HEAD sign. Maybe I should collect them. You see them everywhere.

O: Is it my imagination or can I hear people talking in the background during that song? What’s that? Field recordings?

ET: Well ‘Mind Your Head’ and ‘Denim on Denim’ were recorded live in Fennor Lane Studios. So there’s all sorts of noises. Dogs barking, conversations, the weather. Makes it warm and real. “You’d have nice eyebrows if you let them grow”.

All Easy Tide tracks are recorded under the influence of boredom.

O: You recently played Hanna’s Bar in Navan with our friends Chinese Newspaper. How did that go?

Answer: The gig went well. Was sweaty. Chinese Newspaper are like our little babies man. We love them. We all brederins of the ghetto. They’re good kids. Talented dudes. We had them play with us in Hanna’s a few years back it was their first gig. We always play Hanna’s with Chinese Newspaper. Backup in case shit goes down ha. We proud of them. More on our wavelength than anyone else in our town that we know.

O: What has been the best moment as a member of Easy Tide?

ET: We discovered a can of lemonade called San Pellegrino. It has foil over the top in which Steven thinks is very handy and clean. It tastes lovely. The quench. Every time an idea clicks with the three of us it’s a nice feeling or we all catch a bit of a song just right. Best feeling in the world. On the good days anyway.

Long may they last.

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