EAT FAST: 5 Things That Inspired The ‘Fenham Dread(Lock)’ EP

Eat Fast Fenham Dreadlock

Debut EP Fenham Dread(Lock)  Out Now!

Mysterious London based fuzz lovers EAT FAST (fka EAT until a spot of bother with an 80s outfit of the same name) pretty much burst out of the gates this year with a succession of lo-fi fuzzy yet gloriously infectious numbers. Today, they are releasing these four songs all together on the Fenham Dread(Lock) EP.

To celebrate the band had a sit down with us to tell us what exactly has inspired their maiden release. Listen to the title track above while you peruse their musings.

Catch EAT FAST live at the following dates:

May 18 | The Old Blue Last, London
May 19 | The Finsbury, London
May 20 | The East Street Tap, Brighton (End Of The Trail Records @ Alt Escape)
May 20 | The Mucky Duck, Brighton (Hand In Hive x When The Gramophone Rings @ Alt Escape)
May 28 | The Cluny, Newcastle

5. Basil Bunting – Briggflatts

This was pretty much my bible when I started writing again. I read it countless time, and can’t begin to measure its importance to me. Personally I think it’s the greatest long poem written in the English language last century. T.S. who?

4. Sweet Valley – Stay Calm/Eternal Champ  LPs

Both of these LPs are crammed with summer hooks. Most artists don’t come up with that amount of catchy melodies in a lifetime, never mind a couple of releases. The production of them, particularly on Eternal Champ is so sharp. It never lets the listener settle. Great music that is criminally overlooked.

3. Battles – EP C/B  EP


I was pretty late to the Battles party and only discovered their EPs in 2012. By the time I had finished the last song on them, my opinion of music composition had completely changed. The attention to detail in these EPs is incredible. From their overlapping time signatures to unique aesthetics, they are both awesome. Like a huge, perfectly fitted rhythmic jigsaw which, even after obsessive fine combing, at times still leaves me wondering how the fuck did they do that?

2. The Twilight Zone

Short, black and white nuggets of human feeling and social criticism hiding behind accessible, creepy narratives…what’s not to love?

1. Douglas Dunn – Elegies

Hands down one of the most sincere and affecting collection of poems I’ve ever read. I was meant to meet Douglas in a café for a chat once but I think we both caught the same flu and it didn’t happen. Probably for the best, they say you should never meet your something or other, don’t they?

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